Anti-Feminism – Why sexist ideologies are a task for extremism prevention

By Ariane Wolf and Elisabeth Hell, Violence Prevention Network

This publication is aimed at protagonists involved in the prevention of extremism and shows why sexist and anti-feminist ideologies are core elements of extremist ideologies and movements.

Anti-feminist and sexist ideologies

  • are based on ideas of the biological inequality of human beings (anti-egalitarianism) and legitimise relationships of superiority and subordination. They therefore obstruct democratic aspirations.
  • are central to extremist groups in terms of strategy, organisation and content.
  • are used as a basis for legitimising violence within and outside extremist groups.
  • tie in with socially widespread sexist and anti-feminist ideologies and offer broad mobilisation potential.
  • provide the legitimising basis for the exercise of violence on a spectrum ranging from devaluations and hostility to sexualised violence, terrorist attacks and femicides.

They are by no means less questionable and radicalising than other anti-egalitarian demonstrations of extremist ideologies. In the prevention of extremism, the task of which includes the prevention of violence as well as dealing with anti-democratic ideologies and aspirations, the confrontation with sexism and anti-feminism should consequently play a central role.

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