RAN Centre of Excellence: Juvenile and young violent extremist offenders

„Experience dealing with juvenile extremist offenders appears to be limited in the EU. However, the study visit confirms that some lessons can be learned from the work with both juvenile offenders and adult extremist offenders, especially in the context of reintegration and rehabilitation. With young offenders, it is important to maintain a long-term perspective with a focus on rehabilitation, education, social and interpersonal skills and psycho-social support from professionals for both the offender, their family and social network. The case study from Wiesbaden showed that education and vocational training can have positive impacts, even for returnees who initially refuse to cooperate. Work with juvenile extremist offenders requires more experience, expertise and further research. It also remains an area to carefully watch for future developments in the prevention of radicalisation.“


Please find here the whole EX POST PAPER „Juvenile and young violent extremist offenders“ of RAN Centre of Excellence.