Incels: A Guide to Symbols and Terminology

Incel_Moonshot_guideFor practitioners working in the field of right-wing extremism and white supremacist ideologies this guide, published by Moonshot CVE in May 2020, will be a valuable publication. Incel communities can be the gateway to even more violent, even more extremist groups and therefore, in P/CVE we have to carefully look at other forms of extremism closely related.

Online incel communities represent a risk to both health and public safety. The men involved in the incel ecosystem are angry, isolated, depressed, and often suicidal. Incels have developed their own coded and highly specialised language, which they use to communicate in online forums and spread their ideology. The guide aims to demystify the jargon and symbols they employ; provide definitions and context; and demonstrate how language choices fit into a wider system of belief. By doing so, the authors hope to empower practitioners and front-line service workers to identify individuals who are involved with the incel community, understand their unique frames of reference, and ultimately, feel able to engage with them.

Find the guide for download here.