Angry Young Men

A look inside extreme online communities

We would like to share this great study published by the the Centre for Digital Youth Care in Aarhus in September 2019 and written by Christian Mogensen and Stine Helding Rand.


Practitioners and professionals all over Europe and beyond have to focus on an overlooked part of the population: The angry, young men who are vulnerable and isolated from social relations and communities and therefore at risk of being lost by the society. It wasn’t the last time for sure, that we have seen „angry young men“, who went out of control, when trying to attack the Capitol Hill in Washington, D. C. in January 2021. We should not repeat the mistakes of previous times by not taking this threat seriously.

Hatred against the „class of women“, misogyny and rejection of feminism can be gateways to even more radical ideological echo chambers and to violence against women, but also against sexually succesful men. Self-hatred and a sense of inferiority lead „angry young men“ down the road of radicalisation.

Find the publication to download here.